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Two Friends Watch

Daniel and Andrew, two film lovers, separated by time and space, united by passion for the moving image. Come listen to them talk bollocks about movies

May 16, 2016

Henry Rollins is not the worlds greatest actor but when you require someone to be an emotionless vampire who always looks kind of annoyed, he's your guy. This was a surprisingly funny, enjoyable and well made movie and we would recommend it to most people. 40mins

May 9, 2016

In the wake of Mac and Devin go to High School, Andrew sought a way to exact his revenge on Daniel by means of a punishingly obtuse art film. His plans backfired when we both turned out to rather enjoy Upstream Colour's abstract narrative and challenging imagery. 44mins

May 1, 2016

When Ben Whittaker gets bored of retirement he joins an online fashion start-up as a senior intern. Jules Ostin is the person behind the start-up who is stretched beyond her limits. Watch as these two unlikely characters connect in this safe, clich├ęd, but thoroughly enjoyable film. 40 mins

Apr 26, 2016

This week's subject is a movie neither of us could make heads nor tails of. Marjane Satrapi's "The Voices" has a killer premise and boasts a virtuosic performance from Ryan Reynolds as a man whose pets command him to kill - which makes it all the more unfortunate that it seems to be so tonally inconsistent and confused....

Apr 20, 2016

This week we look at another box office bomb, Equilibrium. A fairly standard movie where Christian Bale impersonates Keanu Reeves and battles a totalitarian emotionless system. This really is a complete rip off of the matrix. Some good fight scenes though plus this movie uses a professional dog impersonator. 40 mins