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Daniel and Andrew/Donald, two film lovers, separated by time and space, united by passion for the moving image. Come listen to them talk bollocks about movies

Mar 28, 2016

On this week's episode, we cast our gaze back to the twilight years of the studio system and one of the most pleasant and enjoyable westerns ever made. We both found ourselves entirely in love with Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, in particular its iconic pairing of Paul Newman and Robert Redford. 28 mins

Mar 22, 2016

Another episode, another attempt from Andrew to win Daniel over to the cult of John Carpenter! This week, we're looking at his surprisingly warm and humane sci-fi romance "Starman" from 1984, a film that met with success in the post-Star Wars sci-fi boom with its Spielbergian echoes of E.T. and Close Encounters of the...

Mar 12, 2016

There are exceptionally few times when a random movie pick will leave you in tears of laughter. This is one such time. Andrew and I have never really encountered a movie like this before.It's main premise is to take a serious old martial arts film (Tiger and Crane fist), and use ridiculous dubbing and green...

Mar 8, 2016

After the larky Disney animated comedy version of Mesoamerican civilisation last week, we decided it was time on this week's episode to have the pendulum swing as far as possible in the opposite direction, with our discussion of Mel Gibson's unflinchingly brutal Mayan pursuit movie Apocalypto. We found a problematic and...