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Daniel and Andrew/Donald, two film lovers, separated by time and space, united by passion for the moving image. Come listen to them talk bollocks about movies

Mar 31, 2018

This week's episode in which a radical shift in tone brings us an emotional legal drama about racism and potentially justifiable homicide. 

A quick disclaimer - Due to our recording schedule and backlog note that at the time of recording the controversy surrounding Kevin Spacey was not yet known to us, thus why it is...

Mar 17, 2018

Another split opinion on this film. Is this film so bad that its become a wonderfully enjoyable film? Or, is it at best sort of OK but still not worth watching? It made lots of money and certain parts of the world seemed to really enjoy it. 27 mins

Mar 14, 2018

After several non-starts I've finally got this one edited and ready for listening. It contains a LOT of colourful language and two grumpy podcasters who hated almost every minute of this film. We will definitely be reviewing the much better 2014 version at some point (once we get through this backlog) 40 mins

Jan 28, 2018

This week we look at this James Bond-esque film that decided to have fun and modernise some of the old tropes of the "end of the world" spy film. Our biggest problem was that despite the writers best efforts some of the traditional flaws of a Bond film still come through, particularly regarding women. 44 mins

Jan 22, 2018

So after a long break (and a few work issues that's caused delays for the last couple of months) we are back and jumping straight into a really wonderful if not a bit odd Chinese animation. Despite Donald and I  being the wrong target audience in nearly every sense we nevertheless thoroughly enjoyed this brilliant gem...