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Two Friends Watch

Daniel and Andrew/Donald, two film lovers, separated by time and space, united by passion for the moving image. Come listen to them talk bollocks about movies

Aug 31, 2015

Released before either of us were born, this movie is still one of our most memorable childhood movies. That being said this movie is seriously intense for an infants film and if Don Bluth had his way it would have been even more horrific in places. 30 mins

Aug 24, 2015

The second of this wonderful trilogy (trilogy at time of writing because the prequals suck and the new movie isn't out yet).

We return once again to the welcoming busom of Star Wars, this time to talk about the inimitable The Empire Strikes Back - whether you consider there to be six or only three true Star Wars films,...

Aug 15, 2015

Don't get me wrong, this movie isn't very good but from it came one very good outcome, The Science and Entertainment Exchange. This is a board designed to foster collaborations between scientists and the entertainment industry and although the core wasn't solely responsible for it's creation, it is one the main...

Aug 9, 2015

Months back, we delved the darkest depths of the prequel trilogy - now we see fit to reward ourselves with another trio of podcasts on the original, good Star Wars trilogy in anticipation of Episode VII, beginning today with A New Hope! Donald rejoins us, muscling through the influence of heavy painkillers to add his...

Aug 1, 2015

In the year and a half that Andrew and I have been running this show I believe that this film is one of the worst things we have ever had to watch. It is boring, offensive, uninteresting and complete garbage. This movie has so much wrong with it that we honestly didn't even know where to start tearing this movie...