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Two Friends Watch

Daniel and Andrew/Donald, two film lovers, separated by time and space, united by passion for the moving image. Come listen to them talk bollocks about movies

Jan 22, 2018

So after a long break (and a few work issues that's caused delays for the last couple of months) we are back and jumping straight into a really wonderful if not a bit odd Chinese animation. Despite Donald and I  being the wrong target audience in nearly every sense we nevertheless thoroughly enjoyed this brilliant gem...

Feb 28, 2016

In the last decade or two 2D animation has really died out. Disney was the leader in this style  but on the back of Frozen's HUGE success I suspect they too have moved on.

One of their final films in 2D animation, The Emperor's New Groove, is one hell of a film to end on. Fantastic characters, cast, and story come...

Dec 20, 2015

There's a new Star Wars movie just now hitting theatres, and everyone's terribly excited about it. Well, we watched the seventh Star Wars feature film, and we all agreed it's garbage - deplorably crass, mercenary bullshit that plumbs depths of pointlessness even the prequel trilogy never fathomed. We dare you to...

Aug 31, 2015

Released before either of us were born, this movie is still one of our most memorable childhood movies. That being said this movie is seriously intense for an infants film and if Don Bluth had his way it would have been even more horrific in places. 30 mins

Feb 8, 2015

Once again studio politics crush another great story. This disaster of a movie is the remnants of what could have been an incredible story. There are few attributes of this movie that we could praise. 44mins